There’s no reason one can’t enjoy a city while staying within a budget. Walking is free and coffee is an inexpensive treat!
In 2019, visit Boston and…..

Enjoy the cute coffee shops
As an avid coffee drinker, I have had cups of coffee worldwide. I can safely say nothing beats a Boston cappuccino. Some of the best cafes with multiple locations throughout the city include Caffe Nero and Tatte, both of which also offer yummy pastries. For a unique experience, head for a walk to the Boston Commons and stop by the Explorateur which doubles as an aesthetic cafe and restaurant/bar. Happy sipping!

Explore the new Seaport District
As much as the city of Boston does not appreciate being compared to New York, the new Seaport District of Boston is very much similar to New York’s industrial Chelsea neighborhood. The transit system has not yet reached the new area, but you can explore the area after a 15 minute walk from the State Street T-stop. Once you’re encompassed by the modern blue skyscrapers, you’ll know you’ve arrived! Check out the ICA, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, for unique and interactive modern art.

Visit the North End
You’ve heard it time and time again, but Boston’s version of Little Italy cannot compare. Simply walk around the neighborhood to spontaneously find delicious plates of pasta and pizza. Even if you are not crazy about Italian food, the carbs are worth it! The streets are filled with life and the quaint restaurants successfully pull off an authentic Italian experience. If you are looking for a recommendation, try the pesto pizza pie at La Famiglia Giorgio on Salem Street.

Bike to Cambridge
On a beautiful day, renting a city Bluebike is a fun alternative to exploring the otherwise walkable city. Head towards the Charles River and bike along the Esplanade. Capture the views of the neighboring city of Cambridge before biking over the bridge to explore the home of Harvard. P.S., there is a two-story Tatte Bakery location in Harvard Square!

Visit the underrated Chinatown
With a short walk from the Quincy Market & Faneuil Hall, you can be transported to an entirely different culture. Although Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood is small, it is home to the beautiful China Gate. The street life and energy is definitely a change of pace from Downtown, and the cuisine is definitely worth the hype! You can definitely get your money’s worth on some dimsum and hotpot.



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Ashwin Nair

4 years ago

Thank you for sharing these wonderfully compiled things to do in Boston. The experiences narrated encapsulates the authentic vibe this city and the places you will find are very promising. Hope to continue exploring and learning new things. Keep travelling!!

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