Whether you’re new to Mumbai or a lifelong local, Mumbai is a city that will never fail to surprise you. Every day is full of new excitement and surprises; if traffic doesn’t surprise you, perhaps the drivers and pedestrians shouting at one another to move will. In the midst of all the traffic, Mumbai is, in every sense, truly an experience. Despite the traffic at all times of the day, people would still rather travel in the air-conditioned safety of their car than walk in the scorching heat. It is easier and better to be late rather than sweaty! “Sorry, traffic held me back!” is a very valid and believable excuse whether it be for an important meeting or a party.
Mumbai is a unique mix of Indian and Western culture. Traditional Indian hospitality is reflected by “Athithi Devo Bhava,” a Sanskrit saying which means “Guests are like God.” If you’re visiting India, come prepared for people to host you with love and gratitude.


Have a taste of heaven with Mumbai street food!

Famous for its variety and delicious delicacies, street vendors also called “Thelas” have mastered the art of enticing the people with their skills to prepare food that will have you wanting more with every bite. With a lot of these stalls being open until late at night, it is the perfect meal to have at any time of the day. Never leave your stomach wanting more!

Not only the food on the streets but also the various multi-cuisine restaurants that decorate the streets of Mumbai provide a taste of the flavourous foods the world has to offer. Name a cuisine and you have it, most likely within reach.

Explore the infamous Mumbai streets

Take a ride on the 3 wheeler Auto-Rickshaw or Tuk-tuks, with their open-air, no-door design. It is the optimal opportunity to take in the city views and enjoy the thrill of dodging vehicle traffic.

Take a tour of Bollywood

Experience a day touring some of the famous movie locations at Film City Mumbai. Immerse yourself as you recognize familiar movie locations and get a chance to feel closer to your favourite movie stars.

Visit the home of God at Iskon Temple

Witness modest forms of architecture, the lively environment of the compound that comes to life with the start of the prayer time. Be a part of the frenzy of joy, devotion and the practice of faith accompanied by kirtans, drumbeats and music through symbols. The place boasts of beautifully carved Hare Krishna murals that play out a story and it is truly a sight to behold in all its glory.

Enjoy the views by the seaside

The Queen’s Necklace (due to the inverted ‘C’ shaped lane) of Mumbai, or more popularly called the ‘Marine Drive’ is home to some of the best in town restaurants, state of the art buildings, and residences of some of the most popular celebrities. Being close to the sea, the place is perfect for a morning run, a late night stroll, or just to spend time with friends and family.

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