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Expected Tip: 10 € (EUR)

Dajti Mountain

-- by Ergys Ergys

The Mountain of Tujani, is another destination for adventurous tourists in Tirana. Known also as Peak of Tujani, this is a place not fuly explored and we present to you as a part of Tirana Through Lens’ Tujani’s Peak is part of  Mountain Dajti Ridge. It has an altitude of 1583 m and rises above as a rocky formation. You can go there by car or by cable car and stop at Dajti station and then climb on top. The trail has orientation marks so you can find it easly. When you reach at the top, you get spectacular views of mountains that sorround Tirana. The hiking is easy and anyone who loves outdoors can go. But be careful while hiking and prepare for severe weather conditions.   Let's explore together Mountain of Dajti  001   

Tirana, Albania
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Meeting Point: Mali I Dajtit, Albania

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